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Yes that's right! Cherubfest is actually on this year!

This year is the 45th year of MonUCS and the 5th Cherubfest, and for this special occasion I am your social secretary:)

When: Thursday the 5th of April - Monday the 9th.

Where: Melbourne of course! and various places around Melbourne of course.

Who: Well you know that i am the social secretary, but Lauren is the Convener, Joe is Trucks and Fucks and Kate is the Conman.

How Much: The cost at the moment looks to be Students $75 and Workers $85. This includes a number of great events such as the famous Soprano Aria for Tenors and Basses, Cherubfest Dinner (theme yet to be announced), Easter Egg Hunt, Welcome Party and other fun things!

Cherubfest at a glance:

Thursday night - Welcome Party and Registration

Friday - Yumcha, activities of some kind or possibly a rehearsal, some free time and the Soprano Aria followed by a PSAP

Saturday - Activities of some kind, rehearsal, and a hopefully themed and wonderful dinner followed by a PDP

Sunday - Easter Egg Hunt, afternoon concert of the Vivaldi Gloria and other music that is yet to be confirmed followed by a PCP

Monday - Farewell picnic

At this point I do not have rego forms but you can reply here if you are interested or to the email that will be going out in the very near future. I will have forms soon and hopefully be able to get some out in the next week or so.

P.S this is cross-posted to a number of things sorry if you get to see it alot and you arent interested in haveing fun with us :)
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